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The first post


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Finally! This is my first blog post ! So, thought to make a blog for so long and it's been ages since i entered npx create-next-app blog in my terminal ๐Ÿ˜…. Well, its my school to blame for some part and me just doing some other apps in free time. It's just, coding blog seemed boring. Did implement a couple of blogs in the past but getting that brand does need time. Instead i am here, started a Hashnode blog.

The experience is good so far ! Didn't expected it to be this good for the price (its free by the way). It does has the custom domain support that i needed, has no ads and the editor is also pretty good ! The only issue i have is their website on mobile devices. It needs to get more mobile friendly, many elements are overflowing out of view port and seems really imperfect.

Apart from that, the blog got custom CSS styling option in dashboard. It needs the account to be in ambassador program for this option to show up (Its a referral program). After that, the CSS Styling option gets shown in appearance section.

So, spent a bunch of time inspecting the page, collecting classes from dev tools. Changed few colors that matches my portfolio website and fixed the overflow issues that i mentioned on mobile. Now it seems perfect. Then made a couple of logos on Figma. they recommended 500px x 125px for dimensions but it didn't seem to work since its cutting of the logo. finally got it look good at 512px x 128px. its bad it didn't take the SVG so exported to PNG. Here is the final logo


I am planning to share my coding journey and about the apps i do here. So if you are interested, you can follow me on Hashnode. I would make a newsletter in future when i get comfortable writing. The main reason for creating the blog is to archive the stuff that i learn so its great to look back and catch up with myself. Also just to test out a new hobby !

Currently in middle of semester exams, hope it finishes quickly. I am thinking to create a small Web App later that i had on my mind. Will share it in my next blog post after exams. Stay tuned !

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